If you are considering venturing into affiliate marketing then I would suggest you get an education. affiliate marketing for beginners has a steep learning curve but you can prosper if you remain committed. You need to change your mindset about it first and foremost. Why you ask? I’m  glad you asked.

You don’t want it to be easy. If it were easy there would be no market for the services.  Who wants to pay to see a juggler juggle one ball during his show (or toss up one ball I should say)? Would Lebron James make millions of dollars if he played basketball just like your average overweight middle-aged man ? Of course not. If you could put up one link tomorrow and make millions of dollars then that would mean there were some mighty dumb and misguided people in the market place before you got there.

If you are a focused, determined person then affiliate marketing can work for you. If on the other hand, you obsess about affiliate marketing one week and then obsess about some woman (or man) the next week, then don’t pursue affiliate marketing. It requires your attention and your focus but the rewards can be spectacular.

My advice first and foremost is to “Learn”.  Get  broad-based foundational information on the subject and work from there. The saying “knowledge is power” is certainly true when it comes to affiliate marketing. Pick one aspect of affiliate marketing and learn everything there is to know on that one subject. Invest in yourself because what is between your ears is what is going to make you money. Don’t be cheap. Be smart.  People spend 10′s of thousands of dollars on colleges to learn unmarketable junk like art history or some nonsense when opportunities online can be had for $20-$80 to teach you how to prosper.

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